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Bank Foreclosure Data


The first notice of a loan in default. Preforeclosure data is derived from Notices of Default (NOD) in non-judicial states and Foreclosure Complaint/Lis Pendens (LIS) in judicial states.

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Trustee and Sheriff Sales Data


The second notice in the foreclosure process. Data is derived from Notice of Trustee Sale (NOTS) in non-judicial states and Notice of Foreclosure Sale (NOFS) in judicial states.

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Foreclosure Data Provider


Following up on auction results, this data is compiled from trustees, sheriffs, court clerks. The same data from the Auction dataset is complimented with Sold Date, Sold Price, Buyer and other data.

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Bank Foreclosures

We are the first and original publisher of Bank Foreclosure and Government Foreclosures on a nationwide basis. See what makes our Bank Foreclosure and REO data so special.

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