Best-in-class foreclosure data for 25 years running! Discover the MyDataSource difference.

Data Licensing

Unlike other foreclosure data providers, we don't lease data from others then resell it. We control our data by compiling it from original records sources. We employ proprietary systems to aggregate then verify all data received from lenders and public records sources.

Most other providers grab data and publish it without ever knowing whether or not a property is actually available for sale. In recent years, foreclosure data websites have "puffed up" their data with stale, sold or outdated listings in an attempt to impress users with the size of their databases. At DataSource, we know accuracy is much more important than size. That's why every bank-owned foreclosure we list has been verified as "available."

DataSource Corporation has been licensing foreclosure data for 25 years. Choose from 4 different sets of foreclosure data or license the entire file. Our data is updated daily.

Data Appending

Over the years we’ve gotten pretty good at matching and appending foreclosure and real estate records. What can we help you with?


Learn how MyDataSource can help you with all your foreclosure data needs.

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